Origin travel: equal parts terrifying, grounding, and memorable. Yearly, Juan Atkins of Peru Global opens a few spots for coffee professionals and enthusiasts to join him, Michael, and Emily, in building the legends of Peruvian coffee. Here’s what Lance Nichols, a Q Grader and wholesale account manager for Gimme! Coffee, says about his Spring 2015 Peru Global tour:

“We encountered washouts and mudslides, delayed and cancelled flights, road construction and traffic, harrowing roads and hairpin turns above heartstopping precipices with loaded semis, straddling the yellow line between two very narrow lanes of highway, bearing down on us fast and furious from around a blind turn — surprise! Many such trucks were adorned with inspirational sayings such as, “We ride with Jesus”. I don’t blame them. We adjusted to a hurry-up-and-wait pace of unanticipated delays followed by intense efforts to catch up with our plans. Bones rattled and bladders distended after many hours bouncing along sawtooth roads of drastically varying altitudes. Services on the road were infrequent and usually required some degree of humility, breath holding, and a wide stance on tiptoes. More than once, I blindly clambered into the van not knowing where we were headed or how long the drive. I left behind hotel rooms with no sign that I had been there other than trace DNA, a bedsheet folded back, and an indentation in the pillow.” – See more here.

Join the team in Spring of 2016 for either the North Leg (San Martín, Amazones, and Cajamarca: 8 days in-country) or the East Leg (Camonishari and Villa Rica: 6 days in-country) by reaching out to Juan.

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