Juan Atkins – Founder

Juan Atkins’ presence of mind is most obvious in the extreme situations that coffee folks are prone to. He prefers off-roading to a video game (complete with real mud). Spending hours under the stars with a coffee farmers and there family, his job description spans more than international logistics, new coffee origin research, coffee cupping, baby-kissing, and translator. As founder and primary mover/shaker of PeruGlobal Imports, he spends three months a year in Peru and the rest in Portland, Oregon.

Juan has big plans for PeruGlobal Imports, “I want people all around the world to recognize the farmers I work with. I am always looking for strategic partnerships in order to bring the best to my people. Thus, coffee farmers will improve their quality of live, having enough financials sources to feed, dressed, and send their kids to school.” he says, and adds; “It feels right. It feels good.”

When not slurping, crunching numbers, and jolting in trucks over sheer precipices, Juan enjoys outdoor pursuit such as mountain biking, and spending time with his family.