Michael McIntyre

Possessor of an enviable red beard and one of the best palates around, Michael McIntyre has acted as Quality Control for PeruGlobal Imports since 2014. With his wife, Emily McIntyre, he is co-owner of Catalyst Coffee Consulting, a wide-spectrum coffee services and education company. On location in Peru (cupping with cur dogs running between his feet and by lantern-light) and back home in Portland, Oregon, he spends many hours green-grading, sample roasting, cupping, and explaining coffee, as well as hosting cuppings, aiding in sales, and advising Peru Global clients on any details they need.

A Q Grader (similar to a wine sommelier, but for coffee) and experienced roaster, cupper, and coffee lab tech, Michael finds plenty of time left over after combing his beard to tease his 3-year old daughter, play old-school computer games, and stay up late falling down the rabbit hole of weird history online.